Covering more than 70 per cent of our planet’s surface, the oceans and seas are vital to life on Earth. Since earliest time, the oceans have been a critical source of sustenance, inspiration, transportation, growth and adventure. However, we have yet to discover the much deeper potential the oceans have to offer for our food, energy, transport, leisure and living space. 

Never before has the challenge to bring human activity into harmony with the oceans and aquatic ecosystems been greater, for the need is urgent due to an ever-increasing level of carbon emissions, climate change, pollution, and overfishing. Therefore, untapping the oceans’ full potential cannot be done without simultaneously preserving their health. It’s an action that we must take, urgently and collectively, to leave a profound legacy for our present and future generations.

As a densely populated low-lying country, the Netherlands has learned to deal with the forces of the oceans for centuries, enabling us to build what is known as the world’s best protected delta. Owing much of its prosperity to the oceans, the Netherlands calls for an international partnership to change the course towards a sustainable blue economy, unlocking the full potential of healthy and productive oceans and seas.

Maritime masterplan

Through its Maritime Masterplan, the Dutch Maritime Sector envisages a blue-green economy. One in which clean healthy oceans become the new frontiers for generating energy, cultivating food and transporting goods.

The maritime future can be defined in the following four pillars:

  • productive and sustainable use of our oceans and inland waterways
  • smart and zero-emission shipping
  • development of green, vibrant and connected port cities, and
  • clean and productive oceans

The Netherlands supports the Maritime Masterplan through the Maritime Future is NOW campaign. We are eager to share our knowledge and expertise to initiate, amplify and accelerate actions which reduce pressure on the oceans. In doing so, we also adhere to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The journey towards the sustainable blue economy demands gamechangers. The Netherlands invites the international maritime sector to join us in shaping the maritime future now!


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The Dutch maritime sector is striving to maintain clean and productive oceans by developing sustainable marine technology in which we achieve zero-emission shipping and our ports become green gateways to the world.







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