Sustainable fishing in mangrove forest in Indonesia


With over 70 percent of the planet covered by water, Earth is also known as the blue planet. Water connects and sustains us, but at the same time 90 percent of major disasters are water related. And climate change is accelerating the challenges of too much, too little and too dirty water.  

Tackling water and maritime challenges can help address climate change and the other global challenges. But the Netherlands cannot do this alone. We need to work together, share knowledge and harness the power of technology. Only together can we manage water and maritime resources integrally and sustainably.

The Netherlands’ location as a densely populated, low lying delta has impacted our history, culture, society and democracy. The Dutch may be famous for building dikes and reclaiming land, but centuries of dealing with water challenges has brought us new insights. Today, the Netherlands harnesses nature itself to build resilient cities and coastal defences.  

Water challenges have taught us to cooperate, to include everyone in the solution and to look beyond our borders for novel solutions. How do we do this? Through partnership, knowledge exchange and collaborative innovation. In return, we are willing to share our advanced water management, delta and maritime technology. Port development, fishing, shipbuilding, dredging are among the many maritime industries that could benefit from global cooperation. Ultimately society itself benefits as integrated water management improves water supplies and sanitation. While wastewater management returns clean water to its natural cycle, enhancing diversity and replenishing this valuable and finite resource.

The Dutch government is committed to contribute to safe and secure water worldwide. That's why in 2023 the Netherlands is co-hosting the UN Water Conference with Tadjikistan. We invite our global partners to join us in our quest.


Let’s value water for a water-secure world.

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