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The World Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai is an excellent platform to strengthen the economic, political, and cultural relations with Japan and the East Asian region. At the Expo, the Netherlands wants to stimulate collaboration, explore new ideas and innovate together on the basis of ‘Common Ground’. 

Artist impression meeting area of the Netherlands Pavilion - Copyright Plomp
Artist impression meeting area of
the Netherlands Pavilion - Copyright: Plomp

By combining different points of view, expertise, and ideas, we can create innovative, ready-to-use solutions to global challenges.

In the lead-up to and during the Expo, we have developed a special programme called Road2Osaka. We will organise events, exhibitions, seminar and thematic weeks, serving as a global platform to develop new partnerships and share ideas to create smart and sustainable solutions together.  

The Road2Osaka programme will focus on the following sectors:

1. transition to clean and renewable energy, sustainability, and circular economy
2. agrifood and horticulture
3. life sciences and health, incl. sports
4. high-tech & digitalisation
5. culture

Corporate sponsorship

The Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai is an excellent platform for businesses with a strong focus on the international market. By participating in the Expo, you'll be able to showcase your innovative power to millions of visitors in Japan. It also allows you to organise local activities and events to further establish and nurture relationships within your international network.

Businesses are welcome to be part of the Netherlands participation at the Expo as a sponsor and a partner. You can highlight brand presence in various ways. For example, by demonstrating innovations at the Netherlands pavilion, providing other type of sponsorships, or making a financial contribution. In return, businesses will have the opportunity to generate publicity, organise events and use a part of the Netherlands pavilion for gatherings. Tailor-made sponsorship opportunities are key to the success of the partnership.

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Start event the Netherlands Participation in Expo 2025 Osaka in Delft

The Netherlands participation in Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai was kicked off on Monday, 5 June 2023 in both Osaka and Delft. 

In Delft, Minister Schreinemacher presented the design of the Netherlands Pavilion together with Mr Hiroshi Minami, Ambassador of Japan to the Netherlands.

The Pavilion is designed and built by Consortium 'A New Dawn', comprised of RAU, Tellart, DGMR and the Japanese based construction company Asanuma. The design features a 'man-made sun', which symbolises a future empowered by collaboration and energy that is clean, unlimited and accessible for all.

Organised by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the event was attended by representative of public, private, and research institutes and the cultural sector. 





"Let's work together, combine our different perspectives and create pioneering solutions."

1. Transition to clean and renewable energy, sustainability, and circular economy

Around the world, energy security has become an increasingly urgent theme. According to IPCC, the energy sector accounts for over two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emission. As energy is at the heart of everything we need and do, the transition to renewable energy resources holds the key to a greener and futureproof world.

The Netherlands invites you to explore new ideas and possibilities that can fast track transition to renewable energy resources in the following areas:

- offshore wind
- hydrogen
- system integration and batteries
- heat and cold storage systems (ATES)
- circular economy (CE)
- water (Disaster Risk Reduction/resilience)

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2. High-tech and digitalisation

Japan and the Netherlands are both pioneers in design, development and manufacture of high-tech equipment. We have a strong mutual interest in topics such as semiconductors, quantum photonics and nanotechnology. Expo is a great platform for presenting the Netherlands’ knowledge and innovation in high tech systems and materials, made possible through close cooperation between government bodies, businesses, and knowledge institutions.   

For Japan and the Netherlands, digital transformation using technologies such as AI, robotics, data, Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G/6G plays an important role in addressing societal challenges. Our countries have complementary expertise in digitalisation. For example, the Netherlands is strong in software development and Japan in hardware development. The Netherlands is strong in using data and Japan in collecting data.

Silicon Quantum Electronics
QuTech, the advanced research center for Quantum Computing and Quantum Internet, is working on Silicon Quantum Electronics. QuTech is a collaboration founded in 2014 by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

Further cooperation in digital transformation will benefit both our countries. We will also explore cross-sectoral collaboration, for example in precision agriculture and e-health, as well as in the following themes:

- semiconductors
- photonics
- quantum
- artificial intelligence (AI)
- digitalisation

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3. Life Sciences, health & sport

Both Japan and the Netherlands face a number of challenges such as ageing societies, rising costs of healthcare and maintaining the vitality of their population. Both our countries invest in research and development that will revolutionise the healthcare system. This provides a good opportunity to meet on common ground to solve these global challenge together.

Research stem cellsJapan and the Netherlands have a long history of collaboration in the field of healthcare. Japanese and Dutch scientists work together for new healthcare solutions, while Japanese and Dutch companies provide products and services that lead to healthier and happier lives in both countries. 

Japan is the third largest economy in the world and also the third health market in terms of total healthcare expenditure (US$415 billion in 2020, according to WHO). It is one of the super-ageing societies, thereby adding pressure on the affordability of high quality healthcare. To keep healthcare affordable, Japan is investing in new technologies and by improving market access to foreign healthcare solutions and expertise.

Over the past years, the embassy and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) identified three areas are most promising for Dutch-Japanese collaboration:

1. digitalisation
2. healthy ageing
3. regenerative medicine

Our vision is that during the Road2 Osaka and the Expo Osaka 2025, Japanese and Dutch stakeholders come together on these topics to strengthen collaboration and foster an exchange of ideas and solutions.

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4. Agrifood & horticulture

Tomato harvesting inside a greenhouse
Tomato cultivation in high-tech greenhouse. 
Photography and copyright: Luca Locatelli

By 2050, the world population will reach almost 10 billion people, according to the United Nations. The majority of people will be living in vast urban areas. One of the great challenges of the future will be to ensure access to healthy and sustainable food for all in the face of climate change, biodiversity loss and scarce availability of farm land.

To that end, a substantial transformation of our agriculture and food systems is required. Both Japan and the Netherlands are committed to green food systems. Technology and innovation can help to tackle challenges like labour scarcity, climate neutral production or the development of alternative proteins.

Japan considers the Netherlands as a reference country for successful agricultural development and is interested in partnering. In addition, in the area of key technologies important to the sustainable food system transformation such as digitisation, robotics and AI, Japan has complimentary skills and expertise to offer.

During the Road2Osaka and the Expo, we will organise activities regarding state-of-the-art technology such as robotisation of greenhouse horticulture, smart and circular agriculture, and sustainable food production in a broader sense. Special focus will be placed on successful joint collaboration projects with Japan in these areas, inspiring new projects as we endeavour to join forces beyond Osaka.

5. Culture

Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai will offer plenty of opportunities for international exchange in the field of art, culture and heritage. Japan and the Netherlands have a strong historical bond. In 2025, we will celebrate 425 years of economic and cultural relations between our two countries. This is not only a source of inspiration for cultural expression, but also a fertile base - common ground - on which creatives from both countries can come together.

Expo will also provide an opportunity to showcase the best that the Netherlands has to offer. From Old Masters to DJs. From contemporary art to Dutch design, combined with Japanese craftmanship. These projects will reach their climax in and around the Expo through a cultural programme. The Netherlands will also showcase the innovative power of the Dutch Creative Industries through serious gaming, digital designers, and design researchers.


If you have any questions or requests, please send an email to Expo2025Osaka@minbuza.nl. Japanese media are requested to contact TOK-PPC@minbuza.nl

For the cultural programme of the World Expo in Osaka, questions or requests related to Japan can be send to TOK-PPC@minbuza.nl. If you work in cultural field in the Netherlands and/or have questions related to the international cultural cooperation between the Netherlands and Japan, please contact Ian Yang, working as an advisor on Japan at DutchCulture via I.Yang@dutchculture.nl.

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