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The Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai is an excellent platform for businesses, knowledge institutes and (cultural) organisations with a strong focus on the international market. By participating in the Expo, you'll be able to showcase your innovative power to millions of visitors in Japan. It also allows you to organise local activities and events to further establish and nurture relationships within your international network.


Tender for the Operation of the Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2025

The tendering process for the operation of the Netherlands Pavilion during the World  Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, has been published. This tender offers hospitality and facility management companies an opportunity to present themselves on large international stage.  A consortium is being sought to organise and execute various aspects of the Netherlands Pavilion, including catering, hospitality, operational and event management, HRM, security, cleaning and the operation of the gift shop.

Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai will take place from April 13 to October 13, 2025, in Japan. The organisation anticipates receiving approximately 28 million business and private visitors, with around 90% expected to come from Japan. More than 160 countries and organizations will participate. The theme of this edition is 'Designing Future Society for Our Lives,' focusing on shaping a world where major crises such as climate and health will affect livability.

The Netherlands participation has the theme 'Common Ground: creating a new dawn together' and aims to showcase Dutch innovative solutions in areas such as the energy transition. During Expo 2025, the pavilion intends to provide a meeting place for businesses, knowledge institutions, and (cultural) organisations to bring together different perspectives and expertise in order to find collective solutions to global challenges. In addition to the visitor experience, the pavilion includes event space, a shop and a café. The design was created by the architectural firm RAU, engineering firm DGMR, experience design studio Tellart, and the Japanese construction company Asanuma.

The Tender for the Operation of the Netherlands has been published on Tenderned

Sponsoring & Partnerships

What does Expo 2025 offer?

- The World Expo in Osaka is a large-scale international event – over 160 countries and organisations are participating and 28 million people are expected to visit. 
- Expo visitors can see and experience the latest and most advanced innovations and learn about technology and culture. 
- The event offers a platform for businesses to build and strengthen international contacts.

Dutch participation in Expo 2025 Osaka

- The Netherlands will have its own pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka – an ambitious level of nation branding. 
- The pavilion will focus on culture and sustainable innovation in the areas of energy, agriculture, healthcare and digitalisation. 
- The close and active participation of businesses is essential in this regard.

Opportunities for businesses, knowledge institutes & (cultural) organisations

- Expo 2025 is an excellent opportunity to put Dutch businesses and organisations with a strong international focus more firmly on the map and for them to establish contacts. 
- Participation offers plenty of opportunities to showcase innovative concepts to millions of people and, through on-site activities and events, to build contacts and strengthen relations.
- Expo-wide theme weeks offer businesses and organisations from specific sectors the chance to plan and host activities. 
- Tailor-made sponsorship offers businesses various ways to become actively involved in the Netherlands’ participation in Expo 2025 as sponsors or partners.

Sponsorship opportunities

- Tailor-made approaches are key
- Businesses can showcase their innovations at work in the pavilion. 
- Businesses can contribute in cash or in kind to a specific activity, or provide a general contribution for the Netherlands’ participation.
- What businesses get in return also depends on their own wishes and needs. This may include making use of the business facilities on certain days for networking meetings, visibility within the pavilion and publications on the website and/or social media.


Please download our brochure to learn more about the opportunities for sponsors and partners. For more information, email the Expo Project Team at expo2025-osaka@rvo.nl.

Programming & Events

In the lead-up to (Road2Osaka) and during our Expo participation, we  will organise events, exhibitions, seminars and thematic weeks, serving as a global platform to develop new partnerships and share ideas to create smart and sustainable solutions together.  

Programming and events will focus on the following sectors:

1. transition to clean and renewable energy, sustainability, and circular economy
2. agrifood and horticulture
3. life sciences and health, incl. sports
4. high-tech & digitalisation
5. culture

Want to know that the options are for participating in these events? Send us an email via expo2025osaka@minbuza.nl 

Cultural programme

For the cultural part of the World Expo in Osaka, questions or requests related to Japan can be send to TOK-PPC@minbuza.nl. If you work in cultural field in the Netherlands and/or have questions related to the international cultural cooperation between the Netherlands and Japan, please contact Ian Yang, working as an advisor on Japan at DutchCulture via I.Yang@dutchculture.nl.


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