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High-tech improving lives from infant to elderly

High-tech semicon solutions are causing a paradigm shift in technology, where once expensive, complex, centralised processes could only be operated by experts. Today those processes can be done simply and remotely at home by consumers.

Nemo's foetal monitoring system helps prevent complications

Preterm birth complications are the leading cause of death among children under 5 years of age worldwide. The Netherlands wants every child to have the best chance of a healthy start in life.

Getting a good start with remote antenatal monitoring

Nemo's foetal monitoring system means a baby's heart and activity can be checked by pregnant mother's in their own home. This is not only more efficient and convenient for expectant parents, it can also help achieve SDG3 and SDG5 universal access to reproductive health.

PhotonFirst makes keyhole surgery safer

Cardiovascular disease kills up to 18 million people a year. The Netherlands wants to increase life expectancy by 5 healthy years by 2040 for all. 

Improving quality of life in those golden years

PhotonFirst's high-precision surgical tools make cardiac interventions safer and speed up patient recovery. Up to now, heart rhythm measurements relied on electricity, but by taking cardiology light measurements instead, readings can be calculated more accurately. As a result, patient outcomes improve and patients can get back to normal more quickly.

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