Excelling in hydrogen

The Netherlands is already on the forefront of European initiatives to kick-start a hydrogen revolution and replace fossil fuels. As the second largest hydrogen producer in Europe, we have a lot to offer. 

Europe's first Hydrogen Valley

Aside from the innovative technology itself, an open, inventive and forward-thinking community is equally important. The Netherlands is home to Europe’s first ‘hydrogen valley’. Foreign investors and technology companies views the Netherlands as an excellent base for open innovation and business development. A wide range of applications By continuously building productive partnerships, we can ensure that our hydrogen ambitions and initiatives are strongly embedded in European policies and innovation programmes.

Dutch researchers and companies are working on a wide range of potential hydrogen applications, focusing on those with the highest impact on carbon emissions;

  • Flexible power infrastructure
  • Industrial applications
  • Mobility
  • Residential heating

From electrolysis to transport and storage of hydrogen, the Netherlands has shaped a rich ecosystem of research institutes and companies with invaluable experience and knowledge to help along every step of the value chain. We’ve also developed a range of applications across sectors including industry, road and maritime transport and residential heating.

Excelling in hydrogen

  • Dutch technology for a climate-neutral world

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