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Global challenges spark creativity and inspiration for Dutch artists

Eliminating world hunger. Undoubtably this is one of the most important challenges we face as mankind. As the world population grows and industry soars, ensuring accessibility to sufficient, safe and nutritious food worldwide continues to test world leaders. Food security does not just mean all people at all times have access to food, but that they also meet their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life.

The people’s summit on food

This year, as part of the SDG agenda for 2030, the UN will convene a Food Systems Summit. The objective is to awaken the world in working together to rethink how we produce and consume food. The summit will encourage all those involved, active or observers, to take action in transforming the world’s food systems. Guidelines for governments and other stakeholders will help in carrying through the vision for SDG 2.

Produce, process, transport and consume. These are the main components of the ‘food system’ and when connected in the right way, bring families and communities together. However, when food systems collapse, the consequences threaten our health, economy, education, security, peace and human rights. And unfortunately, too many systems remain fragile and vulnerable to fail. According to the UN, scientists already agree that “transforming our food systems is among the most powerful ways to change course and make progress towards all 17 SDGs”.

The Food Systems Summit follows five Action Tracks. These tracks are in alignment with the Summit’s five key objectives and will identify solutions that will carry benefits across a wide reach.

Global challenges driving artistic inspiration

Recent years, creative practitioners who find inspiration in these challenges have gained new grounds. Their art and designs have become a stimulating medium to drive public discussions. A recurring topic is the effects of climate change, focusing on ecological change, food security and agricultural innovation.

In line with the UN Food Systems (pre)Summit, Dutch design studio AMO, curated by Rem Koolhaas and Samir Bantal, designed the “Countryside at the United Nations” exhibition with the support of the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations. The condensed edition is seen at the UN headquarters in New York while the extensive exhibition is now on display at the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. Taking the viewer on a journey through research, the exhibition portrays a series of panels illustrating rural transformations of different kinds. The display questions the role of the countryside in future transformations. If you’re reading from New York, be sure to check it out before June 29.

Other artists, such as Kadir van Lohuizen, are also using their work to express the worrying consequences of climate change to our planet. The Dutch photographer has captured scenes across the world of the disconcerting effects of rising sea levels. His work will be a significant part of the Dubai Expo 2020 opening this October in the cultural program. The Dutch pavilion at the Dubai Expo will showcase Dutch innovations in the intersection between water, energy and food with a circular pavilion. Learn more about the Dutch Dubai programme and our vision!

The Dubai Expo will showcase Dutch innovations in the intersection between water, energy and food. Three sectors that our very survival depends on. 

Setting the stage and bringing together worldwide players

July 26-28 will see key diverse actors from across the globe unite in Rome and participate in the Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems Summit. Farmers, indigenous peoples, researchers, youth members, private sectors, leaders and ministers from agriculture, environment, health nutrition and finance will come together and set new commitments and mobilize funds and partnerships. The wide range of participants will ensure the broadest range of solutions. This ensures we make maximum impact, together. The UN Food Systems Summit will take place in September in New York.

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