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The World Expo is a global stage where nations showcase their innovations and solutions for a better tomorrow. Starting in 1851 with the Great Exhibition in London, these grand events were initially a platform to showcase the latest inventions and industry from around the world. 

They became a breeding ground for innovation, with iconic creations like the telephone, the Eiffel Tower and X-ray machines, all debuting at Expos. Over time, World Expos evolved to focus on broader themes, becoming a place for nations to collaborate and share ideas for a better future. The upcoming Expo 2025 Osaka focuses on the theme "Designing Future Society for Our Lives", a topic that resonates deeply with the Netherlands. We are proud to be participating once again, this time with a pavilion that embodies our commitment to cooperating internationally together on sustainability.

Building on the success of Expo 2020 Dubai

The Netherlands' participation in Expo 2020 Dubai was a resounding success. The pavilion, attracting over 950,000 visitors, showcased Dutch expertise in water management, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and circularity – themes highly relevant to the Gulf region.

The pavilion itself served as a testament to Dutch innovation. Designed with a focus on circularity, it used recyclable materials and a mini-biotope demonstrating a closed-loop system for food, water, and energy production. This focus on sustainability resonated with visitors, and the Dutch consortium responsible for the design won no fewer than 13 international awards.

Beyond the pavilion itself, Expo 2020 Dubai fostered valuable connections. The Netherlands hosted over 125 events for companies and knowledge institutions, and trade missions resulted in extra turnover for participating Dutch businesses. As a result, inspiration transcended borders, when a local entrepreneur took over the Pavilion's mushroom nursery, with a spin-off of her company Biospheric City Lab. They provide sustainable development strategies and solutions with a focus on cities and the built environment.. This exemplifies the global reach of Dutch innovation and the potential for international collaboration on sustainability solutions. The lessons learned and relationships built at Expo 2020 Dubai provide a strong foundation for the Netherlands' continued leadership in sustainable development at Expo 2025 Osaka.

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The power of Common Ground

The Netherlands has a long history of innovation, which we are now applying to renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and medical technology. These areas are crucial for building a resilient future, aligning perfectly with the theme of Expo Osaka 2025. Our pavilion, titled "Common Ground: Creating a New Dawn Together," reflects this commitment to collaboration. Here, businesses, governments, (cultural) organisations and knowledge institutions can come together, share expertise, and forge partnerships to develop innovative solutions to the challenges facing our planet.

The concept of "Common Ground" extends far beyond the name of our pavilion. It represents a deeply held belief in the Netherlands: together with partners worldwide, we can solve the many challenges facing our societies and our planet. Climate change. Energy transition. Food security. Global health. These challenges are too big to solve alone. On common ground, we work together to find solutions for these major challenges. Bringing different perspectives together fosters understanding, respect, and innovative thinking. It's a space where ground-breaking solutions for a more sustainable and healthy future can be created.

The Netherlands' history is a testament to the power of common ground. In the fight against water, Dutch people learned to work towards a common goal. This shared energy, a core part of our national identity, enabled us to develop a sophisticated system of water management, protecting our coastlines and harnessing the power of wind to claim land from the sea. This mentality of finding common ground is the foundation of the Netherlands we know today, both in terms of landscape and mindset.

From Dejima to Yumeshima: a bridge to a sustainable future

The Netherlands and Japan share a unique historical connection. For nearly 240 years, the Netherlands was the only European country allowed to trade directly with Japan. We served as a window to the world for Japan through the artificial island of Dejima. In 2025, at Expo Osaka on the artificial island of Yumeshima, the Netherlands Pavilion hopes to serve similarly as a bridge, fostering collaboration for a sustainable future.

Energy & circular economy: the engine of a new dawn

Energy plays a pivotal role in our lives, and a clean, renewable energy transition is essential for a sustainable future. The Netherlands Pavilion showcases innovative solutions that address the scarcity of raw materials and our dependence on fossil fuels. We are exploring ways to utilise renewable  resources like water to create a new dawn – a future powered by clean, limitless, and accessible energy for all.

The Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai goes beyond showcasing Dutch ingenuity; it embodies it. The pavilion's design is entirely circular, minimising its environmental footprint. Circular construction prioritises reusable and recyclable materials, ensuring that the materials that build up the  pavilion can have a "second life" after the Expo. This approach is essential for sustainable ambitions, and the pavilion can serve as a powerful example for businesses and organisations worldwide.

We must realise all nongrowing materials are finite. If we build using finite materials, our task is to organise everything that is finite in an infinite matter. This means, among other things, developing buildings with a circular potential.– Thomas Rau, architect & founder of RAU

Visit us at Expo 2025 Osaka: the meeting place for innovation

The Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka  is more than just a building; it's an open meeting space where we can explore innovative ideas, spark collaborations, and create a new dawn through design, innovation, and circular concepts. We invite you to join us on common ground. Let's unite our energy, expertise, and ideas to create a sustainable and resilient future – a future where all can thrive.

The Pavilion itself is open from April 13th to October 13th, 2025. Visit us to explore cutting-edge sustainable solutions, network with potential partners, and discover how the Netherlands can help you build a more sustainable future.

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