Floating Farm - photo credits Iris van den Broek

5 Facts about the Floating Farm of the Future

The world's first floating farm is located in the stylish Merwe harbor in Rotterdam, and it's a prime example of green innovation and co-creation in the Netherlands. Meet this unique, fun, and educational experience that offers a self-sustaining and circular way to farm.

The Floating Farm in Rotterdam is a co-creative and sustainable way to farm that offers visitors a unique, fun, and educational experience. It's a prime example of green innovation in the Netherlands, which has a strong reputation for technology, science, and innovation. And it is an inspiring example of how we can partner up to create technology that helps us solve global challenges in food security that apply across difficult terrains and are future-proof and adaptable.

Five facts you need to know about this revolutionary and sustainable farm:

  1. The Floating Farm is home to dozens of cows that live and graze on a unique floating farm in Rotterdam. The cattle practically live in a hotel on the water, with a milking robot, spacious stalls, and an automatic feeding belt. If the animals want to go for a walk, the adjacent meadow offers plenty of space to roam and enjoy the outdoors.

  2. The farm is as self-sustaining and circular as possible. Floating solar panels provide the necessary energy, and rainwater is collected on the roof and then purified. Most of the feed for the cows comes from the city, including brewer’s spent grain, bran, potato scraps, and grass from athletic fields and golf courses in Rotterdam.

  3. The exterior of the farm was designed to be mostly transparent, so all visitors can see what is happening at Floating Farm. Visitors can see the cattle, discover how the feed for the cows is produced, and how dairy products are made. It’s fun and educational for both children and adults.

  4. The farm is a response to the growing world population and rising water levels. Agricultural land is becoming increasingly scarce as the world’s population increases, and climate issues are also a direct cause. Building a floating farm means food production can continue, even during a severe flood. Rotterdam is located in a highly water-sensitive delta, and floods caused by rising water levels are lurking in the future.

  5. The Floating Farm is an ideal combination of innovative strength and fresh, modern architecture on water. It's an inspiring example of how the Netherlands innovates to make its cities greener, more sustainable, and more livable. And in doing so, it provides solutions for global challenges in food security.

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