We want to make it possible for every person to use NLplatform.com, on any device. Please contact us if you encounter problems with our website’s web accessibility.

What is an accessible website?

An accessible website can be used by every person. Government websites must meet the accessibility requirements. This is stated in the Digital Accessibility Act (in Dutch). Government websites must also promise accountability in an issued accessibility statement (in Dutch).

Actions taken for web accessibility

We assure adequate accessibility through various measures within our (daily) working operations:

  • We consider the accessibility of our website at all stages of the design, construction, as well as editorial operations of our website.
  • Independent experts regularly test (parts of) our website on accessibility. They analyse the functional, technical and editorial elements of the website. We solve any problems found permanently.
  • Our employees maintain their level of expertise regarding web accessibility and apply this when called upon.

Report web accessibility problems

Do you have further questions or comments? Or have you found any of our pages to be less accessible? Please send an email to toegankelijkheid@rvo.nl.

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