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ZEM: cleaning the air while driving

Imagine a car that captures carbon, rather than emitting it. Dutch students are redefining the term ‘super car’ with a typical #newdutch approach as they invented a zero-emissions car that captures carbon as it drives. A team of students from Eindhoven University of Technology have presented Zem, the Zero Emission Mobile. It's an all-electric and solar-powered car fitted with innovative self-designed filters. When the car is driving, air flows through these filters, capturing CO2 from the air. So while this car doesn’t emit carbon dioxide, it actually cleans the air en route.

Now take some time to imagine a world where all cars do just that…

Amazing, right? Today, transport accounts for around one fifth of global carbon dioxide emissions. And road travel accounts for three quarters of transport emissions. With cars being such a major contributor to CO2 emissions, this ground-breaking idea can be a true gamechanger.

Completely CO2 neutral

The team’s objective is to create a car that is completely CO2 neutral. During the driving phase, the filters with direct air capture technology will compensate for the total emissions of all life phases. Add bi-directional charging and solar panels, and the car becomes an external battery to your house, even when not in use. 

But “completely neutral” implies that the vehicle not only has zero emissions during use, but also during its production and end-of-life phase. Special attention therefore is given to design and production: the sporty vehicle is almost completely 3D-printed with materials that can be recycled or reused. By designing the car with easy separation in mind, and parts that are reusable or recyclable, its materials can be used for other purposes and very few new materials enter the life cycle.

Do you have any ideas for other super powers that should be added to this supercar?

New Dutch

Ask anyone about the Netherlands, and it’s usually our beautiful windmills, canals, and tulips that spring to mind. But did you know they were once ingenious innovations of their time? Today, with a strong reputation for technology, science and design, the Netherlands is at the forefront of innovation. Through groundbreaking research on topics such as energy transition, artificial intelligence, quantum technology and food scarcity, and with startups and citizens seeking creative solutions to make the planet more sustainable. So although we love the icons from our past, it’s time to talk about the future. Let’s talk new masters and new icons. Let’s talk #newdutch.

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