Hague Justice Week 2023

Hague Justice Week 2023: “Making Impact for Justice”

How can we increase access to justice for all? And how can we create greater impact at the local, national and international levels? Those are the topics of discussion for the second annual Hague Justice Week, to be held between 3-9 June  2023 in the Hague. During this event, actors from various sectors will gather during a series of high-level meetings to find answers to global challenges through the scope of justice.

Global peace and justice require global collaboration. It’s the very reason the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organising the Hague Justice Week. To offer a platform which is diverse and inclusive for discussion and cooperation among rule of law and justice practitioners, scholars, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

The event aims to create learning opportunities in a safe and innovation-friendly environment. This way, people can meet, share views and knowledge and work across silos, generations and disciplines to exchange ideas for a peaceful, just and secure world for all.

Making impact for Justice

This year’s theme is Making Impact for Justice. The Netherlands has invited multiple parties from Africa, Asia  and Latin America to join the conversation. As only together can we solve global challenges on peace and justice issues.

The results of these conversations will be used to inform policy-making both within The Hague and beyond. They will also be discussed at the upcoming Agenda 2030 Stock-Taking Summit in September 2023 in New York, as part of the UN General Assembly.

At the end of the week, an Impact Report will provide recommendations for advancing people-centred justice – pushing forward the implementation of the 2019 Hague Declaration on Access to Justice.

The Hague, city of peace and justice

The city of The Hague plays a role in the increasing role of regional and international courts in upholding justice as a human right, for example via climate justice cases.  The Hague is a space where peace and justice issues are discussed. It serves as the centre for thinking and expertise on engagements between formal and informal justice systems, which are both needed to bridge the justice gap.

The Hague Justice Week is organised by The Hague Project Peace and Justice (HPPJ), a joint initiative by the Municipality of the Hague and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visit Hague Justice Week for more information.

"Break the silence on injustice" Zainab Malik | Hague Talks

Zainab Malik has a decade of experience in Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and influencing legislative and policy change to make justice systems work for the most vulnerable and marginalised groups. She is also an experienced trainer focusing on empowering human rights defenders to use the UN human rights system to support their movements on the ground. Before joining Hiil, Zainab was working in the fields of international development and rule of law. 

HAGUE TALKS is a meeting place for creative minds, peace inventors and game changers in the field of peace and justice.

For more information, visit www.haguetalks.com 


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