Sustainable mobility

Every day, new technologies emerge, creating solutions to resolve universal mobility, environmental and safety issues. The Netherlands aims to accelerate sustainable smart mobility solutions as a living laboratory for testing and development.

The Netherlands is a signatory to the European Green Deal’s Sustainable & Smart Mobility Strategy which supports the implementation of renewable energy in the transport sector, using green biofuels, hydrogen and solar. The deal envisages a 90-percent reduction in transport-induced greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Driving sustainable development

The Netherlands recognises that the rapid increase in mobility requires a well-integrated infrastructure of roads and waterways. A strong collaboration between government, businesses and knowledge institutes are jointly driving the development of sustainable technologies and alternative fuels in our country. We strive to enhance safe and efficient flow of traffic, whilst improving air quality by minimising CO2 emissions. A cleaner and safer world A key element of our strategy is to reduce emissions across all modes of transport. To do so, it focuses on providing affordable, accessible and cleaner alternatives.

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How can we work together?

When building a net-zero transport system, countries need to work together. The Netherlands actively seeks out cooperation with other governments at policy level and to shares expertise and learnings on sustainable mobility. Together, we can work on:

  • Developing charging infrastructure and connectivity;
  • Suppling components to the electric automotive sector;
  • Setting up an e-mobility policy for national or local governments.

Together, we can co-create solutions that accelerate the climate and energy transition for a more sustainable society for everyone.

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